Become Our Guardian Angel For The Poor Neediest Child in Africa

Champion the Cause as Guardian Angel for African Child these Kids realy needs your help and appreciate your support

We invite individuals from around the world to become Guardian Angel. This role is a profound honour, as it unites incredible individuals with a shared vision: to provide vulnerable children with access to health insurance, shelter, and education – the foundations of eradicating poverty.


Empower Children's Futures in Africa

  • Have you ever considered the impact you could make?
  • Have you wished for a brighter future for children? 

Become a Guardian Angel for Children in Need in Africa. As Guardian Angel, you can actively contribute through:

  • Child Sponsorship: €25/month or €300/year
  • One-time donations for projects like building schools and orphanages, promoting education, hygiene, and more

However you can do much, much more for children in need:

(Even if you can not directly take on a financial sponsorship or Direct Donation)
– Become a Guardian Angel for poor Needy children in Africa.
– Become Guardian Angel  for African Children’s Heart.
– Become part of a wonderful community of Guardian Angel for vulnerable African children!

Start Now

  • Encourage and motivate others to get involved in our amazing heart project. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, club members, classmates, schools, businesses, etc.
  • We invite you to share our heart projects with your friends on the following platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram,Facebook,Tiktok, Whatsapp, Instagram kindly Fundraising poor African children.
  • Do you have a special occasion coming up such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc., call for a fundraising campaign for poor African Children and donate the money.
  • If you’re an elderly person in a nursing home or caregiver, talk to them about sponsoring Guardian Angel Foundation for Africa Children. It’s a great and meaningful job with a lot of compassion for the needy kids in Africa.
  • Plus, it’s a great opportunity to become a Godchild in Africa! It’s a great way to give back and get information from a faraway culture. Maybe even a sponsorship for several residents in the same nursing home.
  • Encourage schools/ kindergartens, techers and educators and inspire them to contribute to our heart projects, with the possibility of children sponsoring as Guardian Angels, e.g. fundraiser, Christmas Campaign etc. Develop a strong relationship with Africa, particularly for schools, through regular letters, projects on culture, living conditions etc.
  • This Christmas Compaign seeks to motivate and inspire businesses and entrepreneurs to sponsor and donate funds for children in Africa. Instead of providing customers with Christmas presents, the money will be donated to impoverished children.
  • Companies can provide financial assistance for the construction of a full school building (classroom), a full school, an orphanage, sanitation facilities, playgrounds/play equipment, water supply, and a deep well.

As a registered nonprofit, you will of course receive a donation receipt. You can also contact us in person – you can make individual contributions based on your preferences.

Very important: All of the above are just examples . You can personally decide how best to help the poor children!


Contact us now with your ideas – the poor children needs your ideas and your commitment!

Thanks you on behalf of the poor children!

  • Smile and help
  • Guardian Angel Foundation for Africa

Get involved now and you will recieve many warm happy African children smiles in return.

“Be a change, Make a difference for these African Children who needs you today more than Ever”