Kindergarten Project

We found out that there's another kindergarten centre that needs help for vulnerable kids, and kids with disabilities that's already set up in Arusha

Right now, The kindergarten is taking care of 50 kids aged 2 to 6, and they’re getting ready to go to elementary school . The kindergarten mission is to identify and provide assistance to vulnerable children in Arusha 

Smile and Help

While some of these children are sourced from the local government, the majority of them are sourced from neighbours and good samaritans who have uncovered cases of child abuse in their communities.

The kindergarten is not only confronted with the difficulties outlined above, but also the caretakers are responsible for the well-being of children with disabilities.  They’re unable to  ensure that their needs are met in the classroom in a manner that is consistent with the needs of any other child within the kindergarten due to the absolute shortage of special equipment for teaching and learning of the handicapped children.

Smile and Help Foundation together with the help of Guardian Angel was fortunate to be able to provide health insurance coverage to all children, as they had never had it before. This was a remarkable initiative for the kindergarten, however, further assistance is necessary to ensure that these children are provided with the necessary teaching and learning equipment and food and other resources to create a positive learning environment for these vulnerable individuals. We request your assistance in this endeavour. These children require our support, and we are committed to making a difference together. 


It’s easier than you could ever imagined. You can do it all by donating. If you can’t donate, be our Guardian Angel and help us spread the word that there are vulnerable children in Africa that need your support. This means more to us than anything else. Be an heroic voice.

You can help our kindergarten by providing

  • Foods and hygiene
  • More healthy insurance,
  • Rent for our kindergarten building. You can also help us construct a new kindergarten building with enough space and facilities for our children. This would be an excellent donation for the needy.
  • You can also provide scholarstic materials, teaching and learning materials for handicapped children,
  • Sports equipment for girls and boys in our sport club,
  • Volunteers to our kindergarten,
  • And sponsoring a child to our kindergarten.

Sponsor A Project

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Payment amount for the child 25 Euro/month = 300 Euro per year and of course you can pay more than the indicated amount to reach more children. We prefer the annual payment method to save administration costs and bank fees. Of course you can also choose other payment methods

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