Sponsor a Child

“I will forever sponsor a child that is a dream come true to me” (Sponsor).”

By sponsoring a child, you can significantly improve the life of your sponsored child in the long term.

Together, we achieve more than we ever could alone.

Your support is crucial in transforming the lives of children. Your passion inspires action. Your voice creates change. Join us, along with millions worldwide, to take action today – donate and make a difference.


When she thanked me for being part of her life, it was hard to explain what I felt. I was just happy that she was in a great home with lots of good people and teachers to look after her. Plus, it was nice to know that I was making a difference in her life. It made me wonder how many other kids out there were waiting to be sponsored. And of course, the worst part was that I knew I’d miss her, but one thing was certain – this would be a memory I’d never forget. 

Sponsored kid

Wow, I can’t believe she came all the way to Africa just to visit me! When she showed up, I was so surprised and so grateful. It’s amazing to have someone you never thought you’d meet in life support you. It’s a great opportunity and good deed. Now I’m able to go to school without any worries, and I can get medical care thanks to my health insurance. It’s a really special feeling.

Our child sponsorships are unique and something very special.

Our child sponsorships will set completely new standards – because our kids give a lot back, namely information, warmth, emotions, gratitude, laughter and unbridled joy!


Here is a brief description of how close and emotional our sponsorships are:
Each sponsor can choose – a girl or boy
Sponsors can choose sponsorship in 4 different projects – Maasai school/orphanage/street children in the poor slums or kindergarten

After the sponsors have chosen their sponsored child, they will receive a short report of the sponsored child with an overview and photos within 2 weeks.
Another 2 weeks later you will receive a voluntary detailed letter including a personal video of the sponsored child with many personal details such as birthday, family, siblings, general life, living conditions, school, etc.

Our sponsored children voluntarily write to their sponsors at least 3 times – at Christmas, Easter, on their birthday and, if they wish, on their wedding anniversary.Each sponsor alone decides when and how often they want to write to their sponsored child.
After receiving the sponsor letter in Africa, we guarantee a reply by letter from your sponsored child within 14 days

You can send gifts to your sponsored child at any time – we guarantee that every gift will be delivered personally to your sponsored child and you will receive photos and videos of your sponsored child with your gifts.

You can visit your sponsored child personally in Africa at any time – if you wish, we will be happy to help you personally with the planning and implementation of the trip.you will be picked up personally at the airport in Africa and taken to your hotel and the sponsored children by our project partners.

Please start your child sponsorship now – you cannot imagine how much joy and motivation you can bring to the poor children in need in Africa. 

Thank you very much!

Sponsor A Child

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Payment Method
The payment amount for the child is 25 Euro/month = 300 Euro per year and of course you can pay more than the indicated amount to reach more children. We prefer the annual payment method to save administration costs and bank fees. Of course you can also choose other payment methods, You are welcome to sponsor a higher amount or of course more than one sponsorship.

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