Supporting Orphanages

Helping the orphaned children in Africa through shelters, education and healthcare


At present, we have been providing assistance to children in the most in need orphanages in the Arusha region. This is a project that is very close to our hearts and is our plan for the future. Our goal is to construct our own orphanages in order to provide a possibility for many children to achieve their aspirations in life .


Additionally, you can write letters to motivate the children and arrange activities to entertain them. We are delighted to witness our children’s smiles and joy every day. We’re committed to aiding an established partner orphanage in Arusha, caring for 54 children between 5 and 23 years old. By offering health insurance and improving facilities, we provide these children with a brighter future and a chance to fulfil their dreams.

At Smile and Help, our aim is to create a positive impact that resonates for generations. Join us in this transformative journey – your support can change lives and light up the path to a better future. You will receive numerous smiles and letters of appreciation from our African children for your unselfish acts of kindness and affection. 

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Payment amount for the child 25 Euro/month = 300 Euro per year and of course you can pay more than the indicated amount to reach more children. We prefer the annual payment method to save administration costs and bank fees. Of course you can also choose other payment methods

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