Sponsor A Project

With a project sponsorship you can provide meaningful and long-term support to poor children in need of help. You can help us by sponsoring:

Construction work
(currently construction of primary and secondary schools in the Maasai country, toilet facilities, showers, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.)

(e.g. health insurance for children, vaccinations, preventive examinations, etc.)

(e.g. detergent, bandages, bandages, etc.)

Water and food
(well construction, sufficient food, etc.)

e.g. learning materials, books, etc.)


Sponsor A Project

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Type of Donation
Payment Duration
Payment amount for the child 25 Euro/month = 300 Euro per year and of course you can pay more than the indicated amount to reach more children. We prefer the annual payment method to save administration costs and bank fees. Of course you can also choose other payment methods

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Aid Organisation for Children in Need in Africa
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