About Us

Who We Are?

SMILE AND HELP FOUNDATION  is a small non profit German charity organisation. We support initiatives in Africa, especially in Tanzania East Africa, to improve education through the construction of new schools, orphanages, with health insurance, or aid to disabled children and provides sports facilities and playgrounds for orphaned and disadvantaged children.


 We cooperate with the local community and  the excellent work of our local Tanzanian project partners.” GUARDIAN ANGEL FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA. Support projects initiated by local Africans. We believe developing opportunities that the community finds valuable makes a bigger difference than funding our ideas, no matter how great. None of our volunteers and partners receive any financial compensation for their work. We have been active since 2019.

Since then, new projects have been initiated and existing programs have been developed further. In 2022, we established the non-profit organisation “SMILE AND HELP” in accordance with German (tax) laws.

As a non-profit registered association we can issue donation certificates.


The SMILE AND HELP FOUNDATION and in particular its founder Roland Benkeser pursue the goal of leading the lives of young girls and boys in Africa into a happy future with educational offers, reliable health care and offers for a fulfilled childhood. At the same time, supporters should always remain informed about what their donations are used for and what has been achieved with them. Whether it is a sponsorship, health insurance, an educational project, a new football pitch, sports facility, playground, or any other form of support.


To realise our vision, we work in the closest possible way with local people and organisations. And every cent goes to what it was contributed for. Only then do donations and projects have a real chance of success. Because we don’t want to proselytise, we want to HELP. This is what the founder of SMILE AND HELP e.V. Roland Benkeser stands for with his name. Every donation goes 100 percent to the sponsorships and projects you select. As a guarantee for this, we would like to keep you in constant contact. Through personal exchange with your sponsored children, through regular information about current project and development progress on this website and with our newsletter, through annual reports with the achieved goals of our joint work and, if you are interested, even with the possibility to visit your sponsored child on site. You can find more details in the section about our offered trips and safaris.