Why Volunteers?

We are pleased to invite you to volunteer for our orphanage, kindergarten and school projects.

At Smile and Help, our foundation is built on the dedication of volunteers who help us meet our daily and financial goals. Without the commitment of our volunteers, our essential work wouldn’t be possible. Your willingness to volunteer is an investment in a better life and a brighter future for the children.

Your Dedication Can Make a Difference

We are urgently looking for volunteers for our kindergarten in Arusha with 50 children aged 2 to 6 years old

As well as for our Maasai school with kindergarten, here the age is between 3 and 11 years,

But also for our orphanage with 53 children aged 4 to 22 years. relying on your support, you can:

  • Assist in caring for the children – feeding, clothing, and bringing happiness to their lives.
  • Help with homework and provide guidance.
  • Organize games and engage with the children.
  • Assist in the kitchen with meal preparation, dishwashing, and serving.
  • Aid in laundry and maintain daily hygiene standards.
  • Support administrative tasks in the office.
  • Contribute your expertise to social media management, from Instagram to Facebook and TikTok.

While we cannot provide a salary to volunteers, your contributions can create a lasting impact. You’ll cover your own travel, accommodation, and expenses during your time in Africa. We’re here to assist with organizing your trip and accommodations. Get in touch now and become a volunteer with us – your involvement means the world to our children in need. Start today! Fill out your information using the link below, and we’ll connect with you right away.



You can Volunteer for our Orphanage, kindergarten and school building projects.

Please indicate how you would like to be contacted