Health and Nutrition

“The greatest gift you can give our African children is their health and well being “

The situation in the desert is very difficult and no one can imagine what it would be like to land in the land of the maasai

The children are never on a balanced diet, never admitted to any hospital, never fed at school, never fed at home. This situation brings us to tears every time we visit our children at home. Most of the children are malnourished. The only food they can prepare at home is porridge with maize sauce, milk and only one meal. This is an unbearable situation for a human being to understand.

Currently, we are providing food packages and hygienic tools to the children, but unfortunately, we cannot support all families and are reaching out to ask you to help this vulnerable child in the desert.

chid kind

Good health and proper nutrition empower children, families, and communities to lead independent and enriched lives. We’re dedicated to fostering better health, focusing on access, education, and long-lasting behavioural change


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Payment amount for the child 25 Euro/month = 300 Euro per year and of course you can pay more than the indicated amount to reach more children. We prefer the annual payment method to save administration costs and bank fees. Of course you can also choose other payment methods

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