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Building schools and orphanages, safe place to live, learn, share and have fun.
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Children need love. It will help them feel confident,safe and secure.
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We need your support
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If the poor child cannot go to education, education must be given to him
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Strength, Skills, Teamwork, respect, who needs drugs when we have football?
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Smile and Help Foundation

German charity organisation

supports Africans in their initiatives to improve education through establishing new schools in developing countries,Provide health insurance, support disabled children and sports facilities for orphaned and disadvantaged children.



We cooperate with the local community and  the excellent work of our local Tanzanian project partners.” GUARDIAN ANGEL FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA.Support projects initiated by local Africans. We believe developing opportunities that the community finds valuable makes a bigger difference than funding our ideas, no matter how great. None of our volunteers and partners receive any financial compensation for their work. We have been active since 2019.

Since then, new projects have been initiated and existing programs have been developed further. In 2022, we established the non-profit organisation “SMILE AND HELP” in accordance with German (tax) laws.

Health and Nutrition

No where on earth Health insurance is needed more than here. Many children in Tanzania lack good health care due to not affording health insurance hospital charges which further lead to more deaths for children. We offer health insurance to children in need.

Supporting Orphanages

We support an existing orphanage with 54 very poor, needful vulnerable children. The children age is between 5 to 23 years.
We support them with Scholastic materials, Appropiate clothing and shoes,
More bedrooms and toilets and so much more.


We are currently Building a new pre school ( Kindergarten ) and primary school with 7 new buildings ( classrooms ) in the poor area of Massai land in oltupai village/Monduli District about 2.5 hours drive from Arusha/Tanzania ( East Africa)

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Helping the Neediest and Orphaned Children in Africa

Original state before our engagement on this project

This buildiing was built by the villagers themselves with the simplest means. The children had to study sitting on the floor without chairs or benches under really poor conditions.

smile help

Short Successful Milestone

Prior to the renovation and building of the new classroom, the number of children was 18, however, after the renovation of the old classroom, the number has increased to 190.

 This has had a significant effect on the Maasai society, as they are increasingly willing to bring their children to receive an education. We urgently need to construct a comprehensive school for the impoverished Maasai children, so we appeal to you to support this movement in order to ensure that the children receive the quality education they deserve.


Below are the few photos after our conversion/Renovation of the Maasai school.
Now children have much better conditions. New floors, New windows and doors, New bright paints on the walls and above all benches and tables for better learning for the poor children.


Planned to Build up our own new orphanage

It is estimated that 3 million Tanzanian children are orphaned due to HIV and AIDS (SOS 2013, PEPFAR 2015).These children have lost one or both of their parents due to the disease
Although the school enrolment ratio in tanzania have been increasing. It is not the same for the Orphans in Tanzania who do not lack only the Education But also Food and Shelter.

By this project Guardian Angel Foundation aims at giving poor orphans a good education, safe housing and great future opportunity.

Planned to Establish Agriculture project

The Main Objective of this Project is to provide food from agriculture to feed our Children But also By this project Youth will be further developed as a learning and internship.so that our youth people can still learn some practical skills in transition phase between training, Studies and Work.

Also this project will provide various jobs to local Habitants as a means to improve their life.

build a High school

Planed to build a High school from grade 8 to 13 in order to provide children with better future studies chances to aquire quality education.


Roland Benkeser is the President and founder of the registered non-profit organisation SMILE AND HELP e.V. dedicated to helping needy and orphaned children in Africa, especially in Tanzania.

”The non-profit organisation is my heart project, my childhood dream. And I will dedicate my life and all my energy to making it come true ,Through the work of the organisation”

I have the chance and the opportunity to bring about positive change somewhere in the world.” That has been his inspiration all his life: to support children in need. Roland Benkeser is convinced that a child born into poverty has little influence on its future.

“Roland Benkeser is convinced that a child born into poverty has little influence on its health, education and quality of life and therefore in most cases cannot realize its life’s dream.”

I am grateful for the support of many German friends, the local people and for the good cooperation with the Tanzanian project partner GUARDIAN ANGEL FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA: “I can’t do everything alone, but together we can achieve a lot to give poor African children an everlasting smiles.